professional background

Dr. Bernd Stratmann


Dipl. Ing. Agr.


Since July 2002 independent consultant for the AG-chem industry in the area of biological field development work


Professional background Dr. Bernd Stratmann:


1989 final PhD exam at University of Bonn in plant production


1990 Product development representative for Monsanto in Germany


1996-98 Regional product development manager (D, AU, CH, PL, Cz, SL) for ISK Biosciences Europe


1999-06/2001 Product development manager for ISK Biosciences Europe.  Area of responsibility:  Europe / Africa


07/2001-07/2002 Business development manager in EDEN Biosciences Europe for German speaking countries and  PL, Cz, SL, Hu. In other EU countries responsibility for organization of trials as well as for reporting across Europe and South Africa


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27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen

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