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Radison Blue Hotel

London Stanstead Airport

„Tips and Tricks“ workshop for experienced users

Kyle Kepner, Margaret Kappenman







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Training options for ARM users

1) Individual training via the WEB: 1 to 1 training. The trainee is working together with the trainer on his own PC with his own data. Typically 1,5-2 hours a day for 1 to several days depending on the needs. Advantages: very intensive, easy to organize within the daily schedule, always training with a "fresh mind", training on data that are relevant for the trainee. Cost: 100,00€ per hour. The speed of the internet connection should be 6-10000 kbits on download. 


2) ARM training session on the site of the customer. The customer organizes a room and invites the trainees. Number of participants depends o the customers whish. Data worked on can be example training data or data of the customer. Price and duration - ask for a quotation.


3) ARM training in 27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen. Let us know you needs (beginners, advanced, type of use - data entry on field level - data review - data summary - protocol writing...) We will combine people from different companies with similar needs and make a proposal for time and location.

Note on Data protection:

please note the data protection statement made under <Impressum>.

With the registration for a training you agree for use and storage of the data you provide to us for use in our bookkeeping system (storage period as to the legal requirement of tax authorities in Germany) as well as for organisation of the training session. The data is available only for ADC personal and the trainers. It will not be given to 3rd parties. Information that is not required for bookkeeping or preparation of certificates will not be stored at Gylling data management or ADC.

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